$SEED Token

The $SEED token is the cornerstone of our in-game economy. With a supply cap of 20 million tokens, all of which are in circulation from the beginning, it embodies the principles of a fair launch. The token is whitelisted on BaseSwap, and audited, ensuring an equitable trading environment for a secure asset.

  • Tax Structure: A 5% tax is applied to all in-game and $SEED transactions, reinforcing the ecosystem's sustainability. This tax is allocated as follows:

    • 2% Treasury

    • 2% Team

    • 1% Liquidity Provision

Note: 100% of the $SEED tokens were distributed via a BaseSwap pool, with an initial buy limit of approximately $2.60 per player, resulting in a total market cap of around $2600. Every player could obtain a maximum of 20,000 $SEED tokens to participate in the game and its economy. This limit was lifted few hours after launch.

Consistent with our commitment to fairness and transparency, our team has not pre-received any tokens; all tokens in their possession were acquired in the same way as any other player​​.

Disclaimer: Pixotchi was launched in a transparent manner via BaseSwap, independent of this website. Acquiring $SEED tokens does not represent an investment contract or any form of financial advice. Pixotchi does not assure or make any promises regarding the future value or performance of the token, and its value may experience significant fluctuations.

Please be aware that owning Pixotchi may be subject to legal restrictions in your jurisdiction. We advise you to consult your local laws to ensure compliance.

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