The arcade section is a dynamic space within the Pixotchi app, designed to bring a variety of games to our users. It's an ever-evolving feature, updated regularly with new games to enhance your gaming experience. Each game in the arcade offers a unique way to earn in-game rewards without spending tokens.

Luck Box 📦

Try your luck with the "Luck Box" game, where you have the chance to win valuable points and TODs (Time of Death extensions) that benefit your garden's growth. This daily event costs 1 star to play which you can collect from killing other plants and does not require spending any tokens.

How to Play:

  • Once every 24 hours, you are eligible to pick one box from a selection.

  • Each box has the potential to contain points or TODs.

  • Your selection could significantly boost your garden, increasing your rank on the Leaderboard and enhancing your gameplay

SpinLeaf 🍃

Enter the excitement of the "SpinLeaf" game, where you can win or lose Time of Death extensions (TODs) and points. This daily event is free to play and does not require spending any tokens.

How to Play:

  • Prizes:

    • +6H TOD: Extends plant life by 6 hours.

    • +12H TOD: Extends plant life by 12 hours.

    • +150 Points: Boosts your score.

    • -15% TOD: Reduces plant life by 15%.

    • -10% Points: Lowers your score by 10%.

    • -Nothing: No effect.

Spin the wheel to test your luck. Each outcome affects your garden's progress and ranking.

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