Accumulate points by engaging with your garden in Pixotchi. The more points you have, the higher you rank on the Leaderboard. Higher positions on the Leaderboard correlate with increased $ETH rewards.

Scout and Attack:

Every 15 minutes, you can "Scout & Attack" a garden that ranks higher than yours on the Leaderboard, which hasn't been scouted for the past hour. If you can't find any gardens to scout, it means they have all been recently interacted with.


  • Chance of Success: You have a 40% chance of successfully sprouting in the higher-ranked garden, while the garden owner has a 60% chance of defending successfully.

  • Rewards: If you succeed in attack, you earn 0.5% of the points from the garden you interacted with. These points contribute directly to your position on the Leaderboard and potential ETH rewards.

  • You can attack a plant above your level every 15 minutes and earn 0.5% of their rewards.

  • A plant can only be attacked once per hour.

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