Frequenly Asked Questions

  1. What makes Pixotchi different from other blockchain games?

    • Pixotchi combines the serene art of gardening with innovative blockchain technology, creating a unique, interactive digital ecosystem. Our game leverages the Base platform for security and scalability, ensuring a seamless and fun experience for all players.

  2. How can I ensure my plant thrives in Pixotchi?

    • Regularly use game elements like Sunlight, Water, and Fertilizer to boost your plant’s growth and extend its Time of Death (TOD). Engage with the game daily to maximize your plant’s potential and climb the Leaderboard.

  3. Can I play Pixotchi without any prior crypto knowledge?

    • Absolutely! Pixotchi uses Privy to make blockchain interactions simple and accessible, even for beginners. The onboarding process is straightforward, allowing you to create a self-custody wallet and start playing with ease.

  4. What is the significance of the Plant Passport?

    • The Plant Passport is your proof of ownership within the Pixotchi ecosystem. It registers your plant's stats on-chain, ensuring that you retain ownership and verification of your plant, even if you lose it in-game.

  5. How does the Luck Box game enhance my gameplay?

    • The Luck Box game offers a chance to win valuable points and TOD extensions daily. By participating, you can significantly boost your garden's growth, improve your rank on the Leaderboard, and enhance your overall gameplay experience.

  6. Why is there a tax on $SEED transactions?

    • The 5% tax on $SEED transactions ensures the sustainability of the Pixotchi ecosystem. The tax is allocated to rewards, team support, and liquidity provision, maintaining a fair and equitable environment for all players. Note that there is only for Buy/Sell transactions and not for transfers.

  7. How often can I interact with other players' gardens?

    • You can scout and attack higher-ranked gardens every 15 minutes, provided they haven't been scouted in the past hour. Successful attacks earn you a portion of the attacked garden's points, helping you improve your rank.

  8. What are the benefits of climbing the Leaderboard?

    • Higher positions on the Leaderboard are linked to increased $ETH rewards. By accumulating points and ranking higher, you can claim a larger share of the rewards distributed through the game's contract.

  9. Can I play Pixotchi on both iOS and Android devices?

    • Yes, Pixotchi is a Progressive Web App (PWA) that can be installed on both iOS and Android devices. Follow the installation steps specific to your device to enjoy seamless access to the game from your home screen.

  10. How do I track and claim my rewards in Pixotchi?

    • Head to the account section of the app to track your rewards. To claim your ETH rewards, burn your plant by following the prompts in the rewards tab. Detailed instructions are provided within the app to guide you through the process.

  11. I participated in the private beta but cannot see my OG plant anymore! Where is it?

    • Your OG plant and its passport (if issued in time) are both available as NFTs in your wallet. Due to the upgraded contract of the V2 dApp, these plants are not currently visible. However, there will be a migration period where all OG plants will continue their lives next to the V2 plants.

  12. How are rewards distributed in Pixotchi?

    • Rewards in Pixotchi are distributed based on the performance and activities of players' plants. The game contract accumulates ETH and distributes it among plants according to their scores. Higher scores earn a larger share of the rewards. Players can claim their ETH rewards by burning their plants through the account section.

  13. What is the burn rate, and how does it affect rewards?

    • Currently, there is a 10% burn rate, which will gradually increase. This means 10% of $SEED tokens used in transactions are burned, reducing the total supply. The remaining tokens are collected and redistributed to players through various events, providing multiple ways to earn rewards beyond just accumulating points. This system ensures continuous engagement and reward opportunities for all players.

For more details and a deeper dive into the mechanics, please refer to the Documentions or reach out to community on Telegram.

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